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The Latest  A couple weekends ago I had my last Rotary meeting, it was about six hours away in a small town called Spala (the l sounds like a w). Olivia and I got a train from Olsztyn to Warsaw and rode a bus to the meeting from there. It felt like it had been forever since I’d last seen everyone (it had only been a month!) but it was so fun to give everyone hugs and talk about how close we were to going home.  This Rotary meeting we had lots of free time. Usually Rotary packs our time with sightseeing and silly activities, but this weekend we go to spend time with each other and try today goodbye. It was a bittersweet weekend, I am so ready to come home and see everyone and get back into a routine, but these people have been like a family to me this year. Even though we only met nine months ago and have only seen each other a handful of times, we are so close. I remember how scary it was to be at the first meeting, all these teenagers speaking all different languages it seeme
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Mom and Dad's Visit

Gdansk I had been looking forward to my parents visit for months! Finally the time came, my host family and I drove to Gdansk and did some exploring of our own on Saturday before going to the airport Sunday afternoon to pick up my parents. The last minutes for waiting for their flight to get in were the longest. But finally I saw their smiling faces come through the doors!  We spent the first couple days of their visit in Gdansk and Sopot. The first evening they were there we went into Old Town and looked around the market and at all the unique buildings lining the old town streets. It was really fun to see how excited they both were. As we started searching for a place to eat the restaurants seemed to fill up, we ended up finding a table at a nice traditional polish restaurant on the main Street of old town.  Once our bellies were full, we checked out the goods at the market. Lots of cities have markets on the weekends where you can buy anything from sheepskin ru